Personal Document Assistant

Mobile application, AI-empowered with Proper Voice, trained on real user data
Paperspell is a versatile personal assistant, empowered by cutting-edge AI technology. It is designed for fast document search, secure storage, and effortless operation. Paperspell can create, search, organize, share, manage, edit, track, and secure documents efficiently.

What Paperspell Can Do

What Paperspell Can Do

Simple document search, sorting,
and AI classification

Careful reminders about expiration

Easy family & friends document sharing

Safe lifetime docs storage, tracking,
and search

Blanks and bureaucracy forms autocompletion

Easy work with versions,
highlighting changed spots

How It Works
How It Works
Fast Access
Your data will always be at your fingertips
User: "Hey man! My passport."
Paperspell: "Yo! check it!"
User: "Aight, what;s the deal with my British visa for 2005, yeah?"
Paperspell: "Yo! Peep this!"
*Gives the visa
Forms Autofill
Most tedious work for you without any hassle
Bank Site: "Would you like to fill out the forms manually or use SPP Paperspell?
User: I'll use Paperspell."
Paperspell: "Golden Bank is requesting your identity number, date of birth, and home address. The site is verified. Do you want to grant access? If so, should it be permanent or for a limited time?"
Tracking Expirations
You will be warned in advance
Paperspell: "I recognize this as your car's insurance policy, right?"
User: "Yeah, that's it."
Paperspell: "Got any special notes or stuff you need?"
User: "Yep, just remind me to switch insurance companies when I upgrade."
Paperspell: "Sure thing. It's expiring on the 25th next month. Reminders set a week before and on the last day. I'll attach a list of companies and their rates."
Lifetime Documents Tracking and Search
From early childhood to this very day
User: Hey Paperspell! Can you pull up all of Jenny's blood tests from the past 5 years and give me a quick rundown on her blood sugar and bilirubin levels.
Paperspell: Sure thing! I'll whip up a summary for you. *Processing*
Paperspell: Got it! Want to keep or share this info?
User: Yeah, save it for me, and shoot a copy over to Doctor M. via WhatsApp, please.
Paperspell: Done and done! Your summary is saved, and I've sent a copy to Doctor M.
Anything else you need?
Documents Checklists Arrange and Verification
You won't be alone in facing bureaucracy
User: My British visa’s expired. Here is the list of documents I need to apply for a new one. Convert it into a checklist and let me know what I have.
Paperspell: Sure! *Processing*
Paperspell: Here's your checklist. The valid documents are highlighted in green. Need any reminders for updating the Certificate of Employment and the Bank Account Statement on Monday?
User: Yep, set those up for me. And also for making a new photo.
Paperspell: Done. I've integrated the events into your calendar. You'll get reminders on Monday.
Anything else I can assist you with?
Paperflow was never easier
It’s More Than Just Paperwork
  • 70%
    Streamline document retrieval time
    in emails, messengers, notes
  • 50%
    Decrease the time spent on extracting
    searching for specific fragments, editing, translating, formatting, and making changes
  • 20%
    Optimize phone storage space
    by operating with versions, synchronization between devices
  • 40%
    Improve emotional well-being
    by monitoring expirations, keeping everything within arm's reach
Basic (MVP) ->
  • fast data access
  • AI categorization
  • AI personal data extraction, abstract
  • family access
  • paper & electronic document processing
  • document sharing, complete and partial
  • offline work, multiple devices, and server synchronization
  • reliable data protection system
  • work with versions/similar parts
Smart (Extensions) ->
  • web access
  • integrations: email, calendar, clouds
  • p2p synchronization
  • checklists & progress
  • blanks autocompletion
  • data aggregation
  • find weak points in contracts
  • batch document import
  • document transformation
  • e-signingnature
  • translation when sharing
  • Voice Tone, customization
B2B (Specialised)
  • Single Personality Provider - PII provider for legacy business
  • Medicine/Emergency
  • Insurance
  • Immigration
  • Travels
  • Finance
  • Generic ERPs
  • Aliaksei Novikau
    Team leader and technical lead. Expertise in user data security.
  • Ekaterina Petukhova
    Team leader, product and processes management.
    PR and communications.
  • Dina Leonova
    Concept creator. UX/UI design of the application.
  • Elena Kurko
    Lawyer and accountant. Proficient in working with people & papers.
  • Yauheni Ramanovich
    Backend Developer
    Services implementation, DevOps, solution architecture, investigations and experimenting.
  • Aliaksandr Novikau
    SEO and analytics
    SEO and data collection for testing and training the Paperspell application.
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